Points of development

Points of development

The central link of the supporting frame of the Republic of Mordovia is the Saransk-Ruzaevsky industrial hub. The leading branch of industry is mechanical engineering, represented by the electrical and automotive sub-sectors; The enterprises for processing agricultural raw materials have considerable potential. About 45% of the population is concentrated in this part of Mordovia.

The main cities and rural settlements around them, regardless of their size, will become centers of attraction of the population primarily from depressed villages and villages, which will determine the decline in the population in rural areas. The prospects for rural settlement will depend, first of all, on the development of existing villages with high and medium potential, as well as the maintenance of livelihoods or the promotion of the resettlement of villagers with low potential in promising settlements.

Foreign economic activity promotes the integration of the Republic of Mordovia into the world economic space and the development of international relations.

The directions of its development are determined by the specialization of the region - electrical engineering, transport engineering (car building), construction materials industry, agro-industrial complex products.

The foreign trade turnover of the Republic of Mordovia amounts to $ 404.6 million. The main export products are electrical machinery and equipment, cable and wire products, plywood and lumber, lighting equipment, vulcanized rubber products, pharmaceutical products, measuring and medical instruments and apparatus. First of all, technological equipment and mechanical devices, ready-made animal feeds, ground transportation vehicles are imported into the republic.

Foreign trade activity in the Republic of Mordovia is carried out by 109 enterprises and organizations of various forms of ownership, whose trading partners are located in 65 countries of the far and near abroad. Export of goods is carried out to 57 countries of far abroad, import - to 44 countries, 26 of which are permanent partners of the Republic of Mordovia both for import and export operations.

The structure of exports is dominated by products of the machine-building complex (68% in terms of value), as well as chemical and chemical-pharmaceutical industries. The largest exporters are Ruzkhimmash OJSC (its weight is 19%), Saranskkabel Plant (14.6%), Lamzur (5.7%), Saransk Plant Rezinotekhnika and OAO "Electro-straightener" (5.3%).

A significant share of foreign trade turnover with foreign countries is the import of new technology and innovative technologies. Its structure reflects a stable trend in the growth of imports of these goods from non-CIS countries. The main importers are Germany (47.6% of total imports), the Netherlands (6.5%), Spain (4.9%), China (4.5%) and the USA (4.2%). Among the CIS countries, relations are developing most actively with the Republic of Belarus and Ukraine. The second direction of imports is the purchase of consumer goods - computers, television sets, tape recorders, clothes, footwear, pharmaceuticals.

The active promotion of Mordovian products to Russian and foreign markets is facilitated by an extensive network of trade missions, the number of which currently stands at 16 in the regions of Russia and 3 in foreign countries.

The development of foreign economic activity in recent years is under the influence of a steady increase in output and an expansion in the demand for investment.

The main tasks in the field of foreign economic activity are to increase the export potential and competitiveness of products of the republican enterprises, the accelerated growth of high-tech and science-intensive products in the total volume of exports.

Improving the dynamics of foreign trade will be provided by:

implementation of a system of state support measures for domestic exporters aimed at accelerating the modernization of existing capacities in the country, developing export-oriented and import-substituting industries;
development of promising forms and methods of stimulating the export activity of enterprises of the republic and providing them with the necessary assistance, increasing the level of competitiveness of the region's products on the external market, establishing stable ties with foreign counterparts, using human capital, information resources, accelerating the introduction of modern science-intensive, energy- and resource-saving technologies and methods of management.

Developmental points of development