Tourism and recreation

Features of the geographical location of Mordovia relatively large industrial centers of Russia, high landscape diversity of the territory, the presence of natural and historical heritage, developed system of social infrastructure determine the significant potential development of tourism. The following directions are developing in the republic.

Cultural and historical tourism. The most interesting objects of cultural heritage, which are of interest for cognitive tourism, are concentrated in Saransk, Temnikov, Insara, Baev, Kochelayev, etc. They are represented by monuments of history, architecture, art. Monasteries are unique objects.

Pilgrimage tourism. The most significant objects for pilgrims are the St. Theodore's Cathedral and the St. John the Theologian Church in Saransk, the Sanaksar's Nativity-Theotokos Monastery in the suburbs of Temnikov, the John the Theological Monastery 5 km from the city of Saransk, the Transfiguration Monastery of the Savior Krasnoslobodsk, St. Olginsky Convent in Insara, etc.

Ethnic tourism. On the territory of the Republic of Mordovia there are 6 centers of national culture functioning in the village of Mordovia. Old Terizmorga (Staroshay Gov district), p. Podlesnaya Tavla (Kochkurovsky district), p. Rybkino (Kovylkinsky district), with. Kochelayevo (Kovyl Kinskiy district), p. Lyambir (Lyambirsky district), p. Nizovka (Ardatovsky district). In ethnographic centers you can get acquainted with the peculiarities of everyday life, crafts, clothes, rites of Mordovian, Russian and Tatar peoples.

Recreational and spa tourism. Moksha, Ala Tyr, Sivin, Orbita, Lesnoye ozera, etc. are popular among the sanatoriums. Currently, a project is being implemented in the country to create a ski resort in the village. Podlesnaya Tavla.

Ecotourism. Among the specially protected areas, the most interesting are the Mordovian National Park Smolny, the Mordovian State Nature Reserve, and the Innerka Lake Nature Monument. In recent years, tourist routes have been actively developing along the rivers Sura, Vad, Moksha. Within the framework of this type of tourism it is possible to organize thematic excursions on botanical, hydrological, geological and landscape monuments of nature.

Business and professional tourism is associated with acquaintance with the objects of economic development of the republic, exchange of business ties of regional business, visiting exhibitions, seminars, competitions, etc. In connection with the dynamic development of sports institutions in the region, professional tourism is also developing, based on the conduct of Russian and international competitions.

In 2011, the republic was visited by about 100 thousand tourists, with special interest in such areas as sanatorium, professional, business, environmental and cultural and aesthetic tourism.

Priority directions for the development of tourism: the formation of a system of tourism objects, united by one idea (brand) with the allocation of key "stopping points" in the routes for 2-3 days; the development of souvenir crafts and the presentation of products at Russian and international exhibitions; development of special infrastructure (hotel complexes, entertainment facilities, catering, etc.); provision of transport accessibility of new recreation and recreation zones; promotion of proposals of Mordovian sanatoriums and recreation centers in the macro-regional market of tourist services; the development of exhibition centers; holding of Russian and international competitions in the republic; expansion of the system of especially protected natural territories, formation of the ecological framework of the republic.

Tourism and recreation