Bolsheignatovsky District

Bolsheignatovsky District

The area is 834.2 km2. The population is 8.3 thousand people. (2010). Center - with. The big Ignatovo.

The municipal entity is located in the north-east of the Republic of Mordovia, on the border with the Nizhny Novgorod region, in the forest-steppe landscapes of the Volga Upland. Among the specially protected natural territories, the "Progonnoe" swamp is located in the Novobaevsk forestry, the "Memory" spring in the vicinity of the Greater Ignatov. In the pine, mixed and deciduous forests inhabit the moose, wild boar, black grouse, capercaillie, marten, badger and other species of animals.

On the territory of the district there are 58 monuments: 19 - history, 1 - art, 38 - archeology. In many respects unique is the Andreevsky mound - an archaeological monument of the Bronze Age and the Early Iron Age in the village of. Andreevka, studied by PD Stepanov. During the excavation of burial mounds, the most ancient signs of the emerging ancient Mordovian culture were revealed.

On the territory of the region, geologists discovered Andreevskoe deposit of brick clay and Bolsheignatovskoe clay-clay deposit. For the centralized water supply, the Lower Kazan, Upper Carboniferous-Assel aquifers are exploited. The operating reserves of groundwater are 18.6 thousand m3 / day, but only 2.6 thousand m3 / day have a mineralization up to 1 g / dm3. According to the chemical composition of water, hydrocarbonate-sulfate calcium-magnesium.

On the territory of the district there are the upper reaches of the rivers Pyany, Barakhmanki, Meni, Sali.

The structure of agricultural land is dominated by gray forest (45%), chernozem (36%) and floodplain (6%) soils. Natural vegetation is represented by broad-leaved and coniferous-deciduous forests. Under forests, 32.1% are employed, under bushes - 0.7% of the area. On the steep sides of river valleys and gullies there are meadow and shrub steppes.

The area is agrarian. The production direction of agriculture is grain and cattle breeding. In the district there are a starch-milling factory and other enterprises of the agro-industrial complex. The network of roads with a hard surface is 147.3 km. The area is gasified by 92%.

Big Ignatovo is an Erzya village; center Bolsheignatov district (since 1930). Population 2,6 thousand people. (2010).

The village is located in the forest-steppe landscapes on the river Sytovlei. The settlement was founded in the beginning of the XVII century. The name came from the name of the first settler Ignat Uchasew. At the beginning of the XX century. in the village acted church, school, bazaar. The village has monuments to soldiers who died in the Great Patriotic War, VI Lenin, there is an alley of Heroes of the Soviet Union. Near the village - burial mordvy-erzi XIV - XVII centuries.

Currently with. Big Ignatovo is a highway junction on the republican and local network. The industry is represented by small enterprises that process agricultural products. The district center is surrounded by valuable agricultural lands, therefore it is expedient to carry out its territorial development at the expense of less valuable lands to the south-west. At present, three microdistricts have been built, gas has been built, a creamery, a bakery and other enterprises of the agro-industrial complex operate. The village has a central district hospital, a polyclinic, a middle and music school, a library, a cinema, a museum, a church.

Chukaly - Erzyan village on the river. Troxley. The layout is characterized by a combination of private and street buildings. The population is 261 people. (2010). The history of the village can be traced from the end of the 16th century. There are three hypotheses about the origin of the name: 1) from the pre-Christian name of Chukai in Mordovia; 2) is connected with the hydronym of Chukaly; 3) it goes back to the Chuvash derivative from the topo-base chuk and topo-forma-ly, meaning the presence of something. In the ancient village annually passes the Erzya national holiday "Rasken Ozks".

Bolsheignatovsky District