The preserved ecologically clean and picturesque landscapes of the Republic of Mordovia are the basis for the formation of a system of health camps, health-improving centers, sanatoriums and rest homes. Most of them are in Prilatyrje, Prisivigne, Prikomsha and Prisurye.

Mordovian National Park "Smolny" is the most promising place for recreation of the population. A lot of picturesque landscapes of mixed and broad-leaved forests, floodplain lakes, curative springs create prerequisites for the development of scientific and ecological tourism, recreation. Four children's summer camps operate on the territory of the national park.

Sanatorium "Alatyr" is located in the Ichalkovsky District in an array of coniferous and deciduous forests on the bank of the river. Alatyr in the Mordovian national park "Smolny". The sanatorium includes sleeping buildings with all amenities. In the medical building you can take coniferous, iodine-bromine, marine, oxygen, pearl, turpentine baths. In treatment rooms Chizhevsky chandelier, halochamber, phytobar, inhalatorium, mud bath cabinet and many other things are at guests' disposal. Effective treatment of diseases of the respiratory and digestive organs, the nervous system, the musculoskeletal system.

Sanatorium "Sivin" is located in the forest landscapes on the bank of the river. Sivini in the Krasnoslobodsky district. In pine, mixed and broad-leaved forests, the sanatorium has many mushrooms, berries, nuts and medicinal herbs. Medical activities are carried out in the following areas: therapy, cardiology, physiotherapy, gynecology, dentistry. Therapeutic procedures are carried out in the water-mud-bath, speleological complex, physiotherapy room, massage rooms, inhalatorium; Physiotherapeutic rooms are focused on the treatment of diseases of the nervous, cardiovascular, endocrine, genitourinary systems, respiratory organs, movement, digestion, as well as occupational diseases. A sanatorium is year-round. In the summer, parents and children take rest.

Recreation center "Sura" is located in the Kochkurovsky district in picturesque forest landscapes on the left bank of the Sura. Seasonal rhythm of pine and coniferous-broad-leaved forests of Prisuria brings considerable diversity to recreational activities. In the summer, the recreation center offers fascinating walks to the Black Lake, traveling on inflatable rafts and catamarans along the Sura River, the pearl of Mordovia - Lake Inerka; in winter - skiing and sledding. Vacationers are accommodated in a comfortable 3-storey building and summer houses. In winter, the recreation center has the opportunity to take 70 people, in summer - up to 250. Here, rest and recreation of parents and children is organized.

Moksha Sanatorium is located in the Kovylkino region in a relic pine forest on the Moksha above-flood terrace, 8 km east of the town of Kovylkino. Phytoncides (biologically active substances), produced by forest communities, kill or inhibit the growth and development of bacteria, microscopic fungi, protozoa. Therefore, in the pine forest, air is practically sterile. Significantly animates the rest of the river. Moksha, in which there are bream, perch, pike perch, catfish, pike, crayfish. Spring water contains a large amount of silver, has high taste and medicinal qualities. Mineral water is extracted from the deep well, which enters the trading network called "Mokshanka". According to the balneological conclusion, this chloride is a medium-mineralized treatment and table water, similar in composition with water, "Minskaya" and "Essentuki-17". It is used to treat diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, as well as for the preparation of mineral baths. Sanatorium "Moksha" is a versatile medical institution with a wide range of medical services. Spa rehabilitation is aimed at treating the cardiovascular system, digestive and respiratory organs, musculoskeletal system, nervous system, gynecological diseases, metabolic disorders. Healing mud is imported from the deposits of Sernovodsk. In the infrastructure of the sanatorium, cosmetology and dental offices, a vertical solarium, a Finnish sauna, a Turkish bath, a pool with hydromassage, a Russian bath with a swimming pool. The cultural and sporting base includes trails for skiing.

Holiday House "Forest Lake" is located in Bolshebereznikovsky District in the forest landscapes of the above-floodplain terrace of Sura on the bank of the lake. Tatar. The practice of rest parents with children. Recreators are accommodated in summer cottages, a children's room, a dance floor, a cinema hall, a cultural center, a tennis and billiard hall, a recreation room and a library; offers rental boats, catamarans, fishing gear, sports equipment. Excursions to the pearl of Prisuria Lake Enerka are organized.

Pension «Orbita» is located in Bolshebereznikovsky district in a pine forest on sand dunes near the monument to the nature of Lake Enerka. On the opposite bank of the right bank of Sura, there are picturesque remnant Cretaceous massifs covered with coniferous-broad-leaved forest. In the vicinity of the boarding house there are a lot of berries and mushrooms. In the lake, bream, pike, perch, ide, rudd, tench, etc. are caught. The boarding house is open all year round; a family vacation is practiced. The recruits live in well-maintained premises. On the territory of the boarding house there are small architectural forms, green spaces and flower gardens, sports grounds for playing volleyball, basketball, badminton, towns and table tennis. The well-equipped Inerka coastline is well equipped: sandy beaches, diving platforms for jumping into the water, sunbathing and rest, a system of multi-level stairs from buildings and structures to the beach and sports grounds.

Sanatorium "Saransk" has been operating in Saransk since 1986. The main curative factors are local chloride-magnesium-sodium mineral water of medium and small salinity, therapeutic freshwater sulfide high-ash peat mud of the local deposit. The profile of the treatment and prophylactic establishment is diseases of the circulatory, digestive, movement, nervous system, gynecological and urological.

The development of recreation is an important part of the system of measures for improving the population.

The main objectives in the development of tourism and recreation in the medium term: the implementation of investment projects aimed at the reconstruction and repair of existing and construction of new tourism and recreation facilities; development and implementation of mechanisms for transferring objects to their own financial security, marketing strategies for promoting some of them to the tourism services market.

Sanatoriums and recreation centers